Saturday, October 10, 2009

craftytammie's catnip mice

october is sewmamasew's scrap busting month! i was inspired to make these by the newest additions to our family:

meet duke & daisy. or king fluffy & rosie. or charlie & lola. it all depends on which child you ask. we've had them for 2 days now, and we can't agree on a name, so i imagine i will decide for everyone soon. because i need to know what to croon as i snuggle them under my chin. oh, suggestions are welcome, let me know what you would call them!

anyways. new babies need stuff, you know? so we hit the store, and i was not excited about anything i saw on the shelves there. neon colored felt mice, and plastic things with feathers stuck all over them. and i did what i always do - thought "i can totally make that myself."

introducing craftytammie's catnip mice!

so thanks to sewmamasew for hosting this fun month, and i hope you enjoy making them!

supplies needed:

scrap fabrics. i forced myself to just grab handfuls of what was laying on my cutting table. there's some fleece from the scarves i've been making, lots of tiny strips i cut off but never can bring myself to toss. little pieces cut from larger pieces. anything works here, it's all welcome! (but i do think these would be great in linen with calico ears and tails)
ribbon for tail, if you choose
polyfil or your choice of stuffing.
jingle bells and catnip. optional.

disclaimer - i am not a vet, nor do i play one on tv. be safe and smart when using these mice with your pets (or for that matter around your children). inspect them regularly for damage and replace as needed.

so i chose a piece of fabric that looked big enough, doubled it, and drew a mouse shape on one side. this is your sewing line, so make sure to eyeball a 1/4" seam allowance as you do so. i like to make my nose run into a point, which gives it a snout. i've also seen this done by making a folded heart shape with the inner points on the fold of your fabric. then you whipstitch the mouse shut. this would work well for fleece and felt.

next, cut little triangles to be the ears, and find a long strip to be the tail. you need to place these between the fabric layers, so that they are within the sewing line and that way you don't stitch the tail to the nose. you can see where i've pinned the ears and the tail. also, don't forget to leave a opening for turning! and try not to be like me. i always make the opening as small as possible and then fight to turn it out and stuff it.

ok, time to stitch! sew it up along your marked line. when i'm finished, i like to pink the edges.

here's where that tail comes in handy! fish around inside, and find the end. pull it inside out. use a chopstick or other pointy object to poke out the nose.

stuff tightly with polyfil. i add a pinch or two of dried catnip and one jingle bell to give it a little noise. stuff some more, and when it's good and full, stitch up the opening.

you can, of course, stitch eyes or whiskers or any other details you want onto your mice. or make them pigs, or hedgehogs, or whatever you feel like doing that day. i don't really think my cats care that much, and i imagine these will be under my fridge in less than a week. so i didn't. but you go ahead.

tada! you've made your own *custom* catnip mice! make a few for all the cats in your life. and how cute would these be in a matching pet bed as a new pet present? just saying. thanks for visiting me!


Lauranie said...

Look at those purrfectly poised kitties!! So cute! :) You are so smart to make your own cat toys!! You go girl!! Gool Luck with the contest!!

Rita @ Mochi Studios said...

catnip mice! so cute! wish I had a cat to make catnip mice for! thanks for the tutorial!

blackbar said...

beautiful kittens!! I foster kittens for the animal aid and last year we kept a very sick one. He is great now and growing well so warning!! warning!! Ours loves to snuggle under my chin but now I need a bigger chest!! :)

Denise said...

Outstanding tutorial and photos!

Candice said...

Congrats on your SMS tutorial post!

Megan said...

cute kittens! I made some toys like that with felt too. And just an fyi, cats aren't supposed to have catnip til 6 months. I had to sadly put aside my catnip toys & give them some without for the first while. haha hope your kitties continue to enjoy their cute toys!!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

I have two indoor fuzzies and a large number out in the barn, so these are right up my alley. :>) I linked to this on my roundup of favorite scrap buster projects. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Now I have to make one for my cat :)

Danielle said...

I think both the kittens and the mice are so cute. As for names how about a combination of the names so everyone is happy, like Daisy Rose and King Charlie. I find in my household sometimes everyone needs to have a say, especially for something as wonderful and momentous as a couple of new family members.


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