Thursday, October 1, 2009

favorite quilt makers

crazymomquilts has a new post up, showing some of the maverick star blocks for her quilts of valor project! someday i hope to be able to whip out quilts like she does. if you've never stopped by her site, prepare to be amazed. she makes beautiful quilts seem effortless, and is really good at explaining how to make them yourself.

another incredibly talented (and fairly new) quilt maker is ashley over at filminthefridge. she has only been quilting for one year. and she's already made more quilts than i probably will in my lifetime! she really inspires me, i love the backs she puts on her quilts!

finally, there's handmade by alissa. she makes beautiful quilts, and i love seeing what her latest project is. she has a great video tutorial on pebble quilting, and seeing the process really helps me to understand how it's done. now, if i only had a new machine...

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Anonymous said...

we have all the same favorites :)


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