Monday, October 19, 2009

get it together

it's funny, how i can tell myself i have gotten nothing done. i crocheted a new dishcloth the other day (it's cute! camel colored with orange trim!) but that's old hat, so it doesn't count. caring for our new kitties and taking care of three young'uns while my honey works twelve hour shifts. give myself some credit, girl! i so tend to focus on the negatives. why do we women set such high standards for ourselves?

i know i need to get a system down. i have been feeling like i am running behind for weeks now, and that is not a good feeling. last week, i forgot my daughter's coat the day of her field trip (thankfully it rained and got cancelled) today was picture day - and she was wearing a sweatshirt and dirty sneakers because i forgot! poor thing. she deserves an organized mom. wednesday we celebrate her birthday at school and i am hoping to make these and take them to the rescheduled pumpkin patch trip. i already stamped some lunch sacks with happy birthday and a cake. juice pouches and colorful napkins and those great cupcake burgers = birthday fun, right? hopefully it makes up for her looking like a bum in the class photo.


DangAndBlast! said...

I know some people who'll make themselves "done" lists (of all the stuff they *did* do that day) to balance out the downer of not seeing the "to do" list shrinking at all!

tammiemarie said...

how funny! mine would have "took the kids to school" and not much else! :)


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