Thursday, October 8, 2009

good morning!

i have even more crafty goodness to share! first up, crazymomquilts has 3 of the 5 quilts she's making for quilts of valor posted today. and my humble little block did indeed make the cut, i'm thrilled she was able to use it! i'm still so new to quilting, i don't know if i'm doing certain things correctly. the photo above was stolen shamelessly from her website - i hope that's ok? my block is on the far right, 2nd from the top. that teeny little point still bugs me, i wish i'd done a different one to send. but i hope whoever receives these will know that their service is honorable and appreciated by many of us non-military, make love not war types.

and next up is that i'm getting a new (to me) sewing machine! this one was my mom's, and she put it in to get it serviced and presented me with the manual last weekend. it will do a few decorative stitches, which i am super excited about! it ain't fancy, but neither am i!


mo said...

NIce job on the quilt block! Thanks for the nice comments about my fabric!

Kelli said...

I have a Fashionmate and used it for years until it started to wear down on me and my hubby surprised me with a new sewing/embroidery machine--a Singer Futura. The fashionmate was my MIL's but she NEVER used it--her MIL gave it to her in hopes she would sew, but not so much. It was in it's own table that it folded into and everything. I hope you enjoy it!


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