Sunday, October 4, 2009

happy birthday to all of us!

yesterday we had a birthday party here for our son zach - he's two now - our daughter emma - who'll be five soon - and our niece lyla - who is turning six. it was utter chaos as usual - ten kids ages 8 and under running around high on pink lemonade, cake & ice cream and candy bracelets. and yogos and twizzlers and m&ms and blowpops. yikes.

we had a mexican food fiesta, with 7 layer dip, guacamole, queso, pulled pork, tacos, and 2 kinds of chicken enchiladas. i have to share the recipe for one of them - they are my new favorite food. it's from the latest issue of BHG.
*cook chopped chicken breast, mix in 1 1/2 c. salsa verde and 1 4oz. can green chiles. cook 3 minutes, stir in 1 c. shredded cheese. roll into tortillas, sprinkle more cheese on top and bake. how easy is that?! and so good.

anyways, i made the cake too - i used a checkerboard cake pan set my mom gave me, with red velvet and chocolate batter. i have to say i was unimpressed with the end result. only because it was such a pain pouring the different batters into the divider and made a big mess in the kitchen. it worked ok, but the batters didn't line up exactly and the checkerboard wasn't as precise as it showed on the box. i think it would be just as exciting to simply swirl the two batters. you can see it in the next photo - and my lovely family, that's my honey troy and our three kids!

the kids helped me while i was decorating - it is hard to do with three of them underfoot, so i'm ok with how it turned out. the frosting was tinted pale green with halloween m&ms pressed in the sides for polka dots. then of course - it had to have sprinkles on top!

my sister-in-law wendy made the pinata for the kids, out of tissue paper, coloring book covers and a diaper box! she made it two sided, strawberry shortcake for the girls and dinosaur for the boys. she has become the family's designated pinata maker. i always video the kids smacking the pinata, and it's funny to watch how their aim has gotten better over the last two years!


The Gosfam said...

What a FUN party!! Love the cake with the polka dots. Thanks for a yummy recipe too--we love mexican food at our house.

Lauranie said...

I am SO mad that BH&G STOLE my recipe!! :D Actually it is my husband's recipe, I make him cook!! Awesome CAKE!! And the pinatas are so cute!! I tried making one before with a balloon and a flour-based paste. It wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't RAIN for 3 days straight here in the already HUMID south. I had to toss it because it refused to dry and it started getting those little mildew spots....DISASTER!!! I haven't tried again since!


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