Monday, October 19, 2009

jack 'o lanterns

we had a good time doing our pumpkins last night. i had the older kids draw a face on their pumpkin, and then i cut it out for them. alex always draws his people with huge eyes and wiggly mouths - this was no exception!

i also tried 2 recipes for roasting pumpkin seeds, and they both were yummy! one just came out of the over - 2 Tb. melted butter to 2 cups of seeds, sprinkle with 1 tsp. salt, 1 Tb. brown sugar and 1/2 Tb. vanilla and a generous dash or two of cinnamon. the other i found at allrecipes (love that site!) and was the same except for using 1 Tb. worcestershire and 2 drops of tabasco instead of the vanilla and cinnamon. yummy! bake at 300* until crispy, about 45 minutes. it said to use a sheet of aluminum foil on your pan, but i did it both ways and didn't have any trouble with sticking.

1 comment:

Lauranie said...

We may carve this year...the pumpkins just go bad so fast!! But I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds!! YUM!! BTW...I saw your kitty toys featured at SMS!!! YAY!!! Good Luck!


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