Wednesday, October 7, 2009

partner, where are you?

so i'm thinking that some of that awesome heather ross fabric needs to go into my entry for the allpeoplequilt contest. an easy peasy baby quilt, using 10 inch squares. again, please don't make me ask my mom to be my partner! not that she didn't do an awesome job on her journal cover, but our tastes definitely run the opposite sides of the spectrum. i was thinking maybe some goldfish, with orange and black and white would make a cool kid quilt? maybe a little rickyracky trim? squares in a square quilting? or polka dots (thinking bubbles, water here) anyways, my brain is reeling with possibilities. it's so fun to have exciting fabric to play with.

it's getting to where i'm embarrassed to admit my good fortune around here - but i won again! twice. shut up. no way. yes, way! i won a scrap bag at sewmamasew, where i comment almost daily, and i also won a $30 gift certificate giveaway over at trueup. she hosts a weekly giveaway over there - and posts them on twitter as well. this is why my yahoo reader is my best friend, gals. i see this stuff as it happens! anyways, the gift cert is for either quiltedtreasures or their etsy shop. i'm not embarrassed to admit to spending it all immediately - i ordered a fat quarter bundle of heather bailey from their etsy. it was hard to choose, though. so many great fabrics!

and if you've been hesitant to join twitter, here's why i like it. i check it maybe once a day, and most of the blog writers i like (dooce, thebloggess, mimismartypants) tweet when they've posted a new entry. and sites like trueup and sewmamasew and thelongthread tweet about giveaways. my husband thinks i spend hours in front of the laptop, but i actually have it all pretty streamlined. i scan my yahoo reader in the morning, while drinking coffee and supervising breakfast, and then check email during naptime and after bedtime i try to post at my blogs. is that too much time on the computer? probably, but i find new things i love every day and i enjoy it so much, it just feels right! and you all know how much other stuff a momma does - this is my little me time for each day(i don't watch much tv). how about you? how do you keep up with all your favorite web sites?


Lauranie said...

Congrats!! I just saw your win on SMS!! You are the luckiest girl!! I was SO excited when I saw my name....and I have yet to use the charm pack I won!! SOON! :) My husband says the same thing!! I stay up WAY to late catching up on my Google Reader!! I am ALWAYS behind!! I think I just missed the awesome pattern giveaway over on mymamamadeit...UGH!! Sorry, no partner in me...I am so stinkin busy!! But hey, at least you have your mom and her talents when you need back up!! :) Good Luck!

tammiemarie said...

did i mention my mom gave up sewing after making my last prom dress? she is such an angel. she made several formal dresses for me, all of them gorgeously done. but she doesn't enjoy sewing, not like i do. she also used to crochet a ton, but pretty much gardening is her thing.

anyways, i just found out about mymamamadeit - love that site!


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