Friday, October 30, 2009

trick or treat!

where has this week gone?? i guess this is how life will be from now on. our days are so full, and we never seem to just veg at home anymore. too bad, vegging is my favorite thing!

there has been no actual sewing going on here. i had bunco on tuesday, and wednesday i had the neighbor girl come over to babysit so i could sew, but i ended up just cutting and ironing fabric and chatting - uninterrupted - on the phone. bliss.

preschool halloween parades proved adorable and the kids have had enough goodies to last them a month. and we still have the actual holiday to get through!

our son alex is the red spiderman. i know the picture is small, and it's hard to make out, but my favorite costume was all the way on the right - a flying monkey from the wizard of oz! if i's been thinking and knew the girl's mom better, i'd have taken a close up - the costume was awesome! real feathers on the wings, and a smart little jacket.

emma's class is bigger so more exciting to see all the costumes - including an adorable gingerbread man from shrek! (he's in the middle back) emma's the witch right next to him. terrible photos, i know! the camera batteries died right as the parade started so i didn't get another chance at a better shot.

i love mrs. circle's raggedy ann costume!

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Lauranie said...

Oh the days get shorter and shorter during the HOLIDAYS!!! So much to do and SO LITTLE time!! We will have to make a pact to "check in" on each other from time to time!! If not for anything else but SUPPORT!!! It's the MOST wonderful TIME of the YEAR!!! :)


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