Tuesday, November 3, 2009

great tutorials!

there are a bunch of fun things happening in the crafty blogworld right now - so since i have nothing to share myself, let me hook you up with some links you may or may not already know about! :)

first up, SYTYC is a fun online crafty competition, featuring a lot of crafty bloggers. there's a weekly theme and the contestents must come up with a project based on that theme. then we vote on which we like the best! the first week is already up, and there are some great ideas so go take a peek!

next, Block Party is celebrating their upcoming book with a quilt along! they have a flickr group and might even put pictures of our blocks in the book! they are kicking things off with a giveaway of gorgeous fabrics! i'm hoping to try to make some of these blocks, we'll see if it happens or if i just drool over theirs. either way it will be a wonderful resource with tutorials on the different blocks.

oh, and if you feel like giving back, there's a nice project underway at warm women. i read about it at clutterpunk and already signed up. just make a scarf. that's it. to help keep a fellow crafter warm. i'm planning to knit mine, but you can do whatever you want!

ok, that should be enough to keep you busy for a day or two. have fun, and i hope to be back soon with some stuff to share.

1 comment:

Gina said...

You're a champ. Thanks for signing up. Now I'm off to check out your other links!


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