Monday, November 16, 2009

just the facts

this is sort of a departure from my normal posting, but i feel like it's important i share these facts with you.

1. always double and triple check your flex spend enrollment at the beginning of the year. apparently, november is a bit late to make changes if you discover you've been putting all your money into "dependent care" which is code for DAYCARE. not health care for dependents. which we didn't even realize we were doing. still hoping they can sort this out so we don't lose our $$$ but it's sounding dire. it's a bit confusing because last year it paid out for medical, but something got switched at enrollment this year. grr. i guess i better find a job quick!

2. the baja fresh wrap at wendy's is delicious. and packs an amazing 48 grams of fat!!! wish i'd known that before i ate an entire one for lunch today. it tastes really fresh and healthy too! damn damn damn.

3. the southern comfort sweet tea cocktail that's meant to be served on ice is extremely sweet. we got a bottle as a gift and i don't think we'll be able to drink it! i haven't tried mixing it with lemonade but i'm hoping that will cut the sweetness.

that's all the wisdom i have to share tonight! off to try to make some more crayon books!


Lauranie said...

man that SUCKS!!! ALL OF IT!! Hope it is all easy-going from here!! You will have a wonderful Thanksgiving to cheer up!! Now get back to work!! After you figure out what to cut the Southern Comfort with of course! HA!

tammiemarie said...

you always make me laugh!


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