Friday, November 6, 2009

see you soon!

oh, internet, i miss you, i really do! only three more weeks of my husband's night shift from hell. 12 hour shifts, 6 days on, one day off. ugh. no time to even talk, let alone have help with the kids. the place is a wreck, i am fighting off a chest cold and losing, and thank goodness it has been warm. the kids have run amok outside and i spread more mulch and discovered my 25 cent rosebush i planted last month is blooming! i'm trying to hold onto those little things.

like how much fun a pile of leaves can be!

i do have a lot on my to do list - including more custom crayon wallets, bunco gift, and teacher gifts. i am 1/4 of the way done with my scarf for warmwomen, since i'm knitting with bulky yarn and garter stitch. i'm hoping i have enough yarn, it's leftover from another scarf. I made it about 3 years ago, and i love it so i'm hoping whoever gets it will too.

anyways, don't forget about me! i'll be back just as soon as my husband stops sleeping in my sewing room during the day!

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Lauranie said...

Oh I've missed you...but know the feeling!! I have been taking a small break myself....fighting with my serger and embroidery fun!! I think I FINALLY got my serger back up and will be bringing my other broken baby to the "dr." Tuesday!! Have a good week!! :)


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