Wednesday, November 18, 2009


what a great day it's been!!! just when things look the worst, you know? so here's how the gods have smiled on us today.

1. got a phone call from a neighbor last night telling me, rumor has it, we are going to get rural water down our road! welcome to 2009, hillbillies! we live on the county line, and straddle the line between 2 rural water districts. neither of which ever wanted to supply water to the 5 houses on our dead end road. well, there are actually 8, but 3 of them paid to run their own lines. so sometime in the next year, we should be getting a water meter and not have to worry about hauling it in! that is so strange, i know. we have dsl but no water?!

2. got another phone call this morning, telling me that our missing labrador might have been found! so i loaded the kids up and went to see, and it was him! he's been gone exactly 2 weeks! i don't know if i've ever mentioned our dog before. he's 5 1/2, we got him from my brother-in-law when i was pregnant with our oldest. einstein's a lean black lab who runs like a cheetah! over the last years, he's ridden on the school bus, taken a joy ride in the back of the trash truck, worked all night with the guys fixing the train tracks along hwy 24, had numerous sleepovers with random strangers, you get the idea, right? anyways, the people who had him just found him sunday, so we still don't know where he was the last week and 1/2. but we are so glad to have him home!

3. the cherry on the cake? a check in the mail today for our flexspend! yippee!

i am celebrating by snuggling my dog and watching modern family - love that show! the boys and i went to kanza park today and walked around the trail, which was a lot of fun and will be something we do anytime the weather is nice enough. next week troy is finished with his night shifts, which has me so excited! thanksgiving weekend will be wonderful. decorating for the holidays, and yummy food, and our whole family together? sigh. what more could you be thankful for?


Tammie said...

im so glad you had a good day. a check in the mailis always good and im happy you found your dog. after 2 weeks i imagine you were starting to lose hope.

oh and this:
welcome to 2009, hillbillies! had me cracking up.

Lauranie said...

You are funny!!! So happy you have MORE things to be thankful for!!


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