Friday, December 18, 2009

and i needed an excuse to drink more wine!

losing that day to being sick has really set me behind!  i just went to view this weeks so you think you're crafty only to find the polls closed!  which is ok - i was having a hard time choosing my favorite.  i know i will be making some wine cork stamps for sure - what a cool idea!  and ditto on the flannel scarf.  and i'm hoping that the mitten gift tags will be available in blogland, those would be great for our gifts. 

yes, i am only now starting to wrap.  with a kitten intent on climbing our tree, and a 2 year old undecorating it daily, i assumed that gifts would get unveiled before the big show next week!

(he spends most of his time there)

i decided to borrow a theme from their preschool class.  they have been bringing gifts for baby jesus, wrapped and placed under their classroom tree.  the gifts will all be donated to lifecare in ottawa, which offers free stuff to people in need.  (diapers, wipes, gently used baby items)  our kids gave up one of their baby blankets too (they each had four or five, and sadly, this was the only one not stained!) 

anyways.  i wrapped a couple of gifts for my husband, boring things like shirts and pjs, and placed them under the tree.  when they noticed them, i said that santa would come exchange them on christmas night!  i'm hoping this will keep them from tearing into them, and so far it seems to be working.  of course, it means i can't wrap any of their gifts yet, but at least i can enjoy a few packages under our tree.

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Lauranie said...

VERY pretty tree!! I LOVE snowflakes! I won't put any gifts under our tree, because I KNOW my kids would open them!! My husband HATES an empty tree..hopefully in a couple years, it will be safe! :)


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