Thursday, December 24, 2009

another gift done!

i'm writing this while i have a moment, and hoping i don't spoil anything! i don't want my sis-in-law getting any sneak peeks before tonight!

we draw names at christmas, and i got amy.  she is a new stay at home momma of an almost four year old and a just turned one year old.  she is really enjoying being home, and is even making noises about SEWING!  can you tell i am excited to drag someone else into my addiction?  for christmas, she had asked for one of my notebooks.  the thing about amy is she's super easy to please.  she'd probably be happy with anything i gave her, so that makes it even harder for me to choose fabrics.  here's what i finally came up with: 

the turquoise fabric is from art gallery's girly girl line that i won awhile back, from liberty originals, and it's called bubblegum lollipops.  i paired it with linen and a small pink piece i had left from emma's quilt top.  i think i found it at hobby lobby.  the button came from joann's, i think.

i've made a few adjustments on the last couple notebooks.  i'm lining with flannel instead of batting, and i've tried to choose simpler fabric layouts to eliminate more bulk.  they are less wonky, if a bit light and floppy.  i may try some fleece lining next.

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