Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bring it, 2010

the new year is right around the corner, and i'm excited to get it rolling!  i have so many plans!  we are having houseguests for new year's, so i've had to tidy my sewing/guest room.  it will be wonderful to start the new year with a clean slate.  on my newly uncluttered cutting table are the first three projects for the new year.  emma's quilt top, a few baby bibs, and a new project which i will unveil on january 3rd.  there'll be a giveaway as well, so be sure to come back then!

for today, though, i am in the sauce making business. hot fudge sauce is on the agenda. and last night, i made  marshmallow sauce for the first time.  it tastes pretty yummy, but i'm thinking i didn't do something right.  it's not white, more of a caramel color.   i'm learning, right?  candy making has always scared me, what with the boiling hot sugar syrups and maintaining the right temps.  but after my success with the fudge, i'm excited to try some more recipes! we have aj's birthday party next week, and that's the perfect time for brownie sundaes.

remember i told you about the new sewing shop downtown?  i talked to her about getting a booth - only to find that i'm #19 on the waiting list!  she did share good news, the scrapbook shop in town is moving in with her, which i think will be awesome.  they also are having knitting group meetings, which sounds fun.  my bunco group may skip rolling dice for a month and take a class instead!  i'm so excited - i've always wanted a craft community to belong to and it's looking like i may get my wish!

oh, and my sister in law, amy, the one who's been talking about sewing?  she's been keeping secrets.  she knows how to sew!  for christmas, she made all the nieces matching hair kerchiefs!  they are so cute.   they are a triangle with a tube sewed along the long end, and a headband slipped inside.  so simple, wish i'd thought of it! 

here's what i made for all the girls.  barbie mermaid tails!  one of the projects from sewmamasew's scrapbuster month.

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Lauranie said...

LOVE the kerchiefs...awesome idea for the headband tube!!! And cute mermaid tails!! Hope you have an nice and safe New Year!! How EXCITING about a new craftying community...you will have lots of fun, and I am sure will inspire MANY!! :D


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