Tuesday, December 15, 2009


whew.  i finally have a minute to sit and get caught up!

friday i baked about a hundred cookies.  i spent the whole day in the kitchen.  it was so fun!  i made lemon gems, coconut chocolate chip, chocolate truffles, and cracked sugar cookies.  i wrapped up boxes to take to some of our neighbors.  i bought these cookie box kits from martha stewart (last year on clearance)- they are so cute!  everything is precut and ready to go.  they look very fancy when they are all finished.  i may have changed my mind about my teacher gifts!  these look too good!

the cookie exchange was saturday, and a lot of fun.  my mom and daughter came with me, and then we headed out to iowa for the nutcracker ballet.  it was a nice trip, but a little exhausting.  sunday we met my husband and sons in kansas city for a family dinner with his dad's side.  last night was our daughter's preschool program, which was cute.  she sang her heart out, and we could hear her over everyone else.  she may get that from me.

i also got the good news last night that i won a copy of quilting for peace from sewmamasew!  so excited to get my copy.  it sounds like a wonderful book.  we're home from preschool now, so i am anxiously awaiting nap time/sewing time!

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Lauranie said...

mmmm cookies!! I haven't made it to my kitchen yet!! I have SO many recipes and all of the stuff to make it...so maybe today!! Did you enjoy the Nutcracker?? I am so jealous..I thought for sure THIS would be the year I would bring my girls...it HAS to be next year!! Just think, Christmas will be over soon and we will have a chance to breathe...but only a MINUTE because you know we can only sit around for sew long!! :D


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