Tuesday, December 22, 2009

santa, i've been busy

busy eating chocolate fudge, that is!  the peanut butter is good too, but was made second, when i was already sick to my tummy from eating so much sweets!  i didn't eat ALL of that though, a plate went with troy to work.  those are the cute martha stewart boxes i told you about.  let's see, what else.  the hot sauce and pickled green beans are from jam it, pickle it, cure it, love that book!

it's looking like i may not get a few things finished in time - namely, making infused vodkas for gifts.  it takes about two weeks, and i kept forgetting to go booze shopping.  i will be back soon with some more things to show you though!  and look for a giveaway soon :)

1 comment:

Gail :) said...

Really!!! I made fudge for the first time this year and gifted them in the same Martha boxes LOL! Glad I found your blog :)


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