Friday, December 18, 2009

teacher gifts done!

hi again!  it's been another whirlwind week.  it wouldn't have been, but we had an unexpected flu bug hit our house wednesday afternoon.  every three hours, another one bit the dust, starting with me, leaving my husband in an ugly cycle of clean up and comfort.  luckily it was short lived.  i love him so much - he's such a great man!  side note - he's watching ice age 3 with me and our three kids, and three of their girl cousins (ages 6, 4, and 3).  on a friday night.  how many men would do that?!  like i said, he's a great man.

in more exciting news, i finished four quilted notebooks for teacher gifts!  i had planned to make these for last years gifts -  that tells you how slowly i accomplish my to-do lists!  i picked up fabrics here and there, the handwriting on ebay and the apples out thrifting.  i love making the patchwork insides, but i do think i need to rethink this design.

(my favorite one!)

it becomes a little bulky, especially during the topstitching.  maybe a different machine would deal with this better, or maybe i'm trying to cram too much fabric into one little project!  anyone have any tips for me?  my biggest problem is closing up the turning hole without the lining fabric stretching.  it never wants to match up nicely.  i tried starching it without much difference.  of course, high quality quilting fabrics would be ideal, but some of it is cheapy fabrics. 

(actually, i think this one is my favorite.)

this is the quilted list taker pattern from jcasa.  i love it, and have more to make for christmas gifts.  i better get cracking, only a few days left to finish up!

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Lauranie said...

oooh those are soooo nice!! Maybe for the end of the year I will make some of these...I LOVE MINE!! :D Thanks for the pattern link!


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