Thursday, December 10, 2009

whittling away...

ok, here's some more things i can cross off my list!
sent off my quilt top and my scarf.
sent off my giveaway prizes!
i have two of the three fringey fleece scarves finished, just one more to go!
almost all my gifts are wrapped - but i can't put them under the tree :(
my cards are almost all done too - just waiting on a few addresses.

still to be done:
6 dozen cookies for saturday morning - thinking about lemon gems
cookie trays for neighbors
teacher gifts - i have all the fabric cut for the teacher notebooks, but only one finished.  three to go!

here's a photo of one of our treasured christmas traditions.  for our wedding, my husband's aunt (and godmother) made us a nativity set.  made as in cast the ceramic and hand painted them.  amazing, isn't it?

funny story, when we were given the box to unwrap at our shower, i could tell it must be something special because of the way she was watching.  so the first thing i unwrapped was the black king.  and i was holding a rather large box.  and i thought, hmmm.  a black figurine. what in the world is in this box!

so i sat there smiling, trying to figure out what to say, when someone finally explained to me what it was!  it was one of those awkward moments, and i know she felt a little disappointed by my reaction.  but it truly is one of my favorite parts of the season!  isn't it incredible?

and on to another fave tradition - wallyworld for free pictures with santa!  they always have the same guy as santa too, which makes it even better for the scrapbook.  a little more believable, you know?  have a great weekend, i've got to run get started on those cookies!

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Lauranie said...

WOW!! You are on the ball girl...even made it to the Post Office!!! The nativity is beautiful and what a great story to go with it! :D It definitely makes it more special when it is made for you. AND you have Santa pics already!!?? I can't even get my kids to sit by the tree in our HOUSE!! :D Have fun with the cookies, and a great weekend!! xo


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