Saturday, January 30, 2010


this just made my weekend!  i was given a beautiful blogger award by both sewbeeit AND thisissewmylife

so thank you girls for the sweet thoughts!  next, i get to share seven things about myself, and then nominate seven more bloggers!

seven things about me.  hmm.
1.  i loooove homemade tapioca pudding.  and any kind of pie.
2.  i've never been on a jet ski.
3.  the first time i met my husband back in college, i was so drunk i didn't remember meeting him.  so when i met him the second time, sober, i thought it was the first time.  isn't that romantic?  snicker.  we've been together ever since! 14 years this april.
4.  i have been a waitress, a bartender, a salesclerk at the limited, a store manager at jcrew and abercrombie, a dental receptionist, and an assistant reference librarian.  oddly, the one that paid the best?  waitress.  i still miss waiting tables!
5.  i don't cook dinner very often.  when i do, i make double batches and freeze the extra portions for dinner later in the month. 
6.  i don't read as much non fiction as i'd like to.  i used to read everything when i worked at the library.  now it's detective novels and craft books.
7.  i completely panic when people ask me to make something for them.  i am fine with someone buying something that i made myself, but when i have to make something FOR someone - you know, they say oh i like green or whatever - i freak,  put it off as long as possible, and always worry they won't like it. 

well that's enough about me.  so, who to choose?  i guess i'll nominate the blogs that inspire me often to create and hope they will accept my humble adoration!  go check them out if you haven't before, good stuff!

made by rae
happy together

thanks again lauranie and sewbeeit!


Lauranie said...

VERY interesting things!! Congrats...2 noms are TWICE as nice!! :D

sewtakeahike said...

thank-you so much tammiemarie! and congrats on your awards! :)

kanishk said...

i like it thanks for sharing
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