Wednesday, January 6, 2010

does whatever a spider can!

good morning!  if you are looking for my giveaway, you can find it here!

this morning is our son's 4th birthday.  we celebrated last week while our family was in town, but i wanted him to have something special when he woke up this morning.  i decided that last night about 9pm.  so in a whirlwind of sewing activity, i came up with this:

a little tote for his beloved leapster and a place to tuck a few games.    this idea had been in the back of my mind, as i was tired of the cries of "i can't find my star wars game!" or sponge bob game.  or spiderman game.

yes, he's a bit spiderman obsessed.  he has been for a good year now.  i'd prefer him to move on, but at least he's not one of those kids who HAS to have whatever is hot right now, and then is over it a few weeks later.  not my boy.  not yet, anyways!

i found the spidey remnant at goodwill and it was just big enough for this.  i have a tiny strip left that can go into i-spy quilt blocks. 

anyways.  i started with a piece cut from an old pair of daddy's jeans.  the denim was going to be the outside, but after making a bag shape, i realized i was essentially making a purse for my son.  and thought i better make sure it had boy written all over it.  my husband came up to see what i was working on, and looked at me like i was nuts.  and i said, "it's not a purse, it's a european shoulder satchel!"  heehee.  anyways, he asked me to not make our son a purse, because he would carry it everywhere.  so instead, it became a wristlet of sorts.  is that any better?  i'm not sure.

anyways, it's functional.  it has 6 pockets and a magnetic snap.  and, as we found out this morning, even holds his spidey sunglasses, a slice of cheese, and a birthday card.  yes, our son insists on bringing along snacks wherever he goes.  he is so like his momma!  don't look too close, because a lot of it was improvised and wonky, but i plan to make another one for emma's leapster.  if anyone's interested, i will share a little how-to for it. 

here's the birthday boy and his new purse.


Lauranie said...

Happy belated bday, little man!! I am always up for a good tutorial! It is not too much of a all of the pockets! Just right for cheese! :D

Holly said...

Love it. I was laughing loudly at this post. It so sounds like me and my hubby. Please share a quick how to. I would love to make one for game boys and such. Thanks.


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