Saturday, January 9, 2010

free at last!

i finally got out today! even if i forgot half of what i was supposed to do, it felt so good to be free!  and even if my husband called me twice in the 1 1/2 hours i was running errands.  seriously.  i think he's going a little crazy after being home with us for the last couple days.  he always says he'd love to be a stay at home daddy - but i know he'd never make it ;)

right now i have cake in the oven.  tomorrow we are celebrating all the january birthdays at my sister-in-law's house.  i had planned to make an R2D2 cake, but i'm feeling lazy and my hands are achy, so the thought of piping all those stars, ugh.  is 36 too young for arthritis, i wonder?  anyways, i found some cute ideas on, and decided to follow up the lego gifts he got with big lego block cakes.

photo from

you take a sheet cake and cut it into different squares and rectangles.  large marshmallows cut in half make the bumps on top, and frost it all, you're done!  plus, it will leave me with just enough marshmallows for the pupcakes for school on tuesday.  i love it when i can use up all of something when i'm baking.  i also knocked out the cupcakes, they will go in the freezer until monday night.  i like frosting frozen cakes so much better - less crumbs.

i've been feeling a bit guilty about not sewing.  i found a tub full of yarn while putting away christmas decorations, and so i've been knitting and crocheting a bit.  i have a stack of dishcloths all finished up, waiting for their photo shoot and new spot in my etsy!  maybe tomorrow after the party, the kids and troy will all fall asleep, and i can have some me time.  i can hope, right?

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