Saturday, January 2, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

so it's really late, and i should be sleeping, but my mind is whirling and i can't settle down!  so much to share! AND i wrote this last week but forgot to publish it! 

santa was sweet and brought me a new sewing machine.  actually, it was from my husband, who felt sorry for me when he saw my "new" fashionmate machine from my mom.  i think he may have also been a bit worried about how un-energy efficient it probably is!  (have i ever mentioned that my husband is OBSESSED with how often the furnace turns on?)

sorry, where was i?  oh yes, my new machine!  i bought the brother that target had on sale a few weeks back, for $99?  it came with quilting accessories and 30+ decorative stitches.  so far, i love it.  not a snarled bobbin thread one, and i love the drop in bobbin, & the fact that the zigzag actually zigs and zags!  the needle threader seems sort of silly, but maybe as i get used to using it, i'll appreciate it more.

i waited until the day before christmas eve to take it out and start playing with it.  our soon to be 4 year old came in, and oohed and ahhed and asked what it was.  and i said, not thinking, "it's my christmas present from you and emma and zach and daddy!"  and he was so indignant!  because he had been told, repeatedly, that we didn't open presents until christmas!  and now santa wasn't going to bring me any presents!  the sweetheart that he is, he immediately offered to share one of his with me.  awww. 

so i made our lab einstein a dog pillow to try to get him to stop sleeping on our bed.   and a few cage comforters for the animal shelter. 

and a scarf for emma to wear sledding.  & started a few other projects when i should have been working on my upcoming tutorial!

now, i have to stop sewing and clean the house.  both my brothers are coming to town for a couple days, and i have to revert the sewing room back into it's alter ego as a guest haven.  hope you all had a marvelous holiday!  santa brought me another little gift - but i'll share that with you later.

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Lauranie said...

Is it the threader that pulls down and sticks the little hook through the needle and you pull the thread across? I LOVE THAT!! I have ALL Brothers, and that is by far my FAVORITE needle even beats out the automatic threader on my embroidery machine!! I LOVE sewing machines...I am so glad you got a new soooo deserve it, and sewed my notebook cover on an "older" model??? Girl, you got some skills!! :D


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