Friday, January 15, 2010

it's a wash.


hey, insomnia has me wide awake and catching up with some neglected blogs.  so the washcloths are now going to be listed in the craft hope for haiti shop instead.  THEY'VE SOLD!  and if you'd like to donate, 100% of proceeds go to doctors without borders.  now, on to the original post...

ugh. what a week!  the good news is, it's almost over!  it's actually been pretty painless, with help from our incredibly nice insurance guy.  we should be getting new carpet laid soon, and meanwhile we've been so busy with school and doctor checkups that we haven't been home much.  my parents have been a huge help too.

i did finally get a few pics of my washcloths taken, so here they are!  i'm listing the top two in my etsy if you're interested.  if i can get a couple more done to match the others, they will go in as well.

1 comment:

Lauranie said...

Those are really nice!! Are they knitted or crocheted?? I've never made!! Glad you made it through the week! :)


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