Saturday, January 9, 2010

lego blocks

all finished!  not my best cake work, but they're still cute!  can i just say that when something sounds too easy, it probably isn't?  those silly marshmallows were so hard to frost!  the buttercream didn't want to stick to them, and i had to hold them in my fingers to get it on all of it.  which was a mess.  i didn't let my cakes freeze long enough, because i wanted to get started, and i regretted it the entire time.  so many crumbs in the frosting.  i didn't spend a lot of time smoothing my frosting either, i was just ready to be done with them.  i'm a little leery now about doing the puppy cucpakes.  they have marshmallow snouts and ears.  but that frosting is put on with a piping bag, so maybe it will work out.  we'll see.  the great thing about a 4 year old is that you can throw sprinkles on it and they'll be happy.


Lauranie said...

LOVE them!! They are so colorful and neat looking!! Hope your puppy cakes are easier...but these look great!!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen lego cakes. My daughter whose 13 will love these. I just found this years cake idea. Thank-you so much.


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