Monday, January 18, 2010

sew much fun

today was a stay at home day - good thing, since we have dense fog and visibility is nil.  we are living in our upstairs "bonus" room, since there is no carpet in our downstairs and tack strips everywhere.  ever stepped on one of those with your bare feet?!  yowza, those babies are sharp!  lucky for me, my sewing room is upstairs, so i got to play a lot today.  i've found that i am most productive if i work assembly line, in stages. 

for example, today i cut out several projects.  i did a little sewing on them, but mostly got everything cut and pinned, ready to sew.  so i have a stack of items, grouped by color of thread they will need, ready for the next time i get to sit down and play.  what am i making?  well, there are three more cage comforters for the animal shelter, as well as one buttercup bag i am making for myself (so excited about this, it's gonna be fab!), and a bib for baby.  i usually have a notebook or two sitting there as well. 

before i got to all those, i did manage to wrap up a project or two.  i finally finished a pillow for emma's room.  i made the quilt block at least a year ago, and it's just sat there, looking cute.  so i finished it off, using a pillow form i bought for something else months ago.  this was my first time making an envelope flap thingy on the back - came out okay, but it's not as snug as i'd have liked it.  maybe that's good?  i don't remember at this point if i prewashed the fabrics, so maybe there will be some shrinking and i'll be glad for the wiggle room.  anyways.  done.  yay.

i also finished a cloth book for a baby shower this weekend.  it was one of those pre-printed panel books, a mary englebreit nursery rhymes.  very cute, bright yellow borders.  i haven't taken any pics yet, but for $4.44 it came out pretty sweet.  i found one online here, but i bought mine at walmart.

ok  now i am off to bed.  very sleepy these days!


Anonymous said...

Your pillow looks great. How nice to be holed up in your sewing room all day. I recently did as well and finally finished a roman blind I've been meaning to get to for months. Really enjoying your blog.

Lauranie said...

The pillow came out NICE!! LOVE the colors!! I'm sure you can't WAIT to be able to live in your WHOLE house again!! But at least you get to PLAY! :D WOW...What an assembly line you've got going...sorted by thread color..impressive!! :D SO COOL your wash cloths sold!! THAT was FAST!! They are doing the GREATEST THING that Craft Hope!! AWESOME!! Hope you have a good week! :D

kanishk said...

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