Saturday, January 30, 2010

sharing is nice

ha!  we're snowed in again!  we didn't get that many inches, but my van just doesn't push snow very well.  so, until the new car fairy brings me a 4wheel drive, we're staying home in our jammies!

which means i have time to share some new things i've made!  the lighting isn't great for a photo shoot, but hopefully their cuteness comes through!

first up, a cloth book for a bunco friend who's having her second baby. i have one more to make, the three little pigs.  these are so easy and fast!  i used flannel to line it instead of interfacing, i like the softness it gives. 

my buttercup bag is done!  i was making this for myself, and i love it - but i think it may become a gift for a good friend instead.  i just don't feel stylish enough these days to carry it!  and i have two more bags cut and pinned, ready to finish, which are more me.  they are brown. 

i don't know what the floral fabric is - it was a piece that came in the sewmamasew scrap bag i won!  it's gorgeous though.  i paired it with a chunk of tan wool from my stash, and some of the pinky red stripe i used on this skirt.  which i still have a ton of.  i probably need to go through my fabrics and list some of them in my etsy.  especially since i got another huge tub and bag of vintage fabrics from my husband's grandmother's stash!  gah, the cuteness of some of it!  i'll try to get some pics of them later to post. 


Lauranie said...

OMGosh...the bag is sooooooo pretty!! I still have NOT made one of these...UGH!! So sweet to give it up, but it gives you a reason to make MORE!! :D Hope you are feeling better last pregnancy was the WORST...that is how I knew I was DONE!! I am pretty sure my AGE was a big factor!! And GREAT job on the TWISTS (yep, I am combining comments...sorry!) I keep trying to do French luck!! But I am getting closer!! Have a good weekend!

KQuiltyBee said...

I love this pattern--I've made several. The wool is such a good idea. I'd been putting thin batting in between and it adds a lot of work. I really like the fabrics you choose for this one.


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