Tuesday, January 26, 2010

twist and shout

i know i've been out of the picture lately - sorry for that!  just trying to get this house back into some sort of shape.  choosing carpet, designing the new bath.  they measured today so we should have carpet in a week or two.

i'm almost finished with my buttercup bag, hopefully this afternoon.  i'd like to take it to bunco tonight to show it off!  i just can't seem to find the magnetic snap. i know i have one somewhere.  if i had that, i'd be finished.  i'm planning to stop in the new sewing shop and see if she's got any, because i know walmart doesn't. 

one thing i have been doing lately is looking at my old issues of martha stewart kids.  i love that magazine, they always had the best ideas!  i have a dozen or so issues, and i get so excited at all the projects inside.  today we tried one of the fancy hair twists from the fall 2005 issue - here's how it turned out.

next i'll try to tackle french braids.  i've never been able to do it well.

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