Monday, January 11, 2010


wow. am i ever glad this day is over.  first, let me share something fun!

this one's my favorite, i think.

these were super easy, and i think the kids will just love them.

i am so glad this day is over.  thank goodness i had the cupcakes baked already, because i came home from the preschool run to find that the water pipes burst in the ceiling over the bath and our bedroom.  and the water, oh lord, the water.  my mom came over and we tooks turns with the steam vac, just pulling water out of the carpets.  for hours.  they are still wet.  the worst part is that this happened last winter, and we though we had taken care of the problem.  gah.  so the bathroom will be getting a makeover, with new plumbing, sheetrock, the works. 


Lauranie said...

those cupcakes are soooo fabulous!! The kids will DEFINITELY love them!! GAH!! Burst pipes... YUCK!! Bathroom "make over"....YAY!! I almost wish my kitchen pipes would burst! :D Almost!

Gail :) said...

I am so sorry about the pipes!!! How frustrating.
The cupcakes are so cute! I am glad you commented on my tutorial, because I was able to find your blog! I LOVE it!!!


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