Tuesday, February 9, 2010


happy 400th post to me!  those little milestones always slip by me!  i wish i had a giveaway or something.  i can show you a few things i've been working on though.

first up, our daughter had to make a valentine's box for class tomorrow.  we did a trial run last week, using an oatmeal box and a cereal box.  we had fun, but neither box would have worked very well for the party at her school.  so i found a shoebox, covered it with construction paper for her, and then tried really hard to resist the urge to decorate it for her!  am i the only mom who does that?  i did insist on doing all the glitter glue dots and her name - but she did a nice job putting most of the foam stickers on herself. 

i made cookies for their teachers, using this recipe - omg - so good!  i made a few changes based on reviews (2 eggs, extra flour), and used half cherry chips and half chocolate.  they are cute and i hope they'll enjoy them!

 the new carpet comes friday!!  this remodel means rethinking where a lot of stuff goes.  we are adding a master bath, so our toiletries will go in there, and the vanity in the kids' bath will be three drawers smaller.  we are losing our medicine cabinet, but gaining a linen closet.  it's a mess.  i'm living with lots of this:

relocating the bathroom door means that i have a view of the laundry area from the living room couch.  it was organized ok, but now that i'm staring at it, it seems so cluttered and messy!  there are a bunch of open shelves, with canning jars and assorted appliances we don't use often.  (dehydrator, meat slicer, etc...)  anyways, i'm not sure what to do in there.  i'd love to get a stacking front load washer/dryer, and put in cabinets.  dreaming...

i'll leave you with a few of my fave scraps from the great fabric rescue 2010 - these were sorted into a bag to be tossed when i found them and brought them home to be loved.  that's salmon pink swiss dot people!!!  there are lots of little gems like these, hopefully i can use them in my notebooks or something.

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Lauranie said...

400!! Wow! Congratulations!! That's some dedication girl!! So is going through a remodel..UGH!! But think how lovely it will all be when it is done! Her box is soooo cute...and YES!! I have to resist the urge to "take over" my kids crafts! Baby steps! :D Love the little children fabric..soooo adorable, can't wait to see what you make with it!


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