Thursday, February 4, 2010

happy february!

this is something i'm really excited about - and a little apprehensive about too.  i signed emma and i up for this neat swap over at bird and little bird.  i'm excited to have an activity for she & i to share, but nervous because she holds herself to very high standards, and one wrong slash with a crayon can send her stomping off to her bedroom. 

yes.  she is a perfectionist at age 5.  she was signing a birthday card for my dad the other day, and was writing i love you.  she wrote the first "o" and it was lopsided.  and she shouted "it looks like a potato!"  then scribbled over the whole thing and stormed out.  and i was like "what the h just happened?"  so.  i am hoping this project will be fun.  she's really very good at drawing, and i think if i just take some of her pictures after she's done them, and have her narrate the story, it might work out better than if there's pressure to create the words and pictures all at once.  also, she really wants to paint these days, so it will probably be a watercolor book.

sadly, i haven't sewn anything this week.  i found a few storage cubbies thrifting the other day, and i've been sorting my fat quarters into them by color.  i've been trying to destash, setting aside some fabrics to donate.  pairing others for future projects.  i need to finish the sashing on my hourglass quilt top, and i have another charm top laid out waiting to be pieced.  it's made of "sweet" fabrics, and i'm hoping it will be for our new baby - please be a girl!!  if not, it will still make a nice gift for someone.

and finally, i am almost through washing all the vintage fabrics i rescued from the barn.  there are some real gems in there.  and a pile of double knit poly - any ideas?  i have a bag full.  it's in the donation box right now, but if you are someone who has a great idea for it, let me know!  i need to have a show & tell with all my new treasures! 


Lauranie said...

ooohh, I just ran across a blog where the girl uses ALOT of poly...hmmm, I'll have to do a "search". She used it for most of her projects, like wallets and organizers.
When Ms. Priss was in Kindergarten, she was SO the perfectionist, when it came to writing in her journal. She would get very upset about not being able to spell the words right. On the way to school she would ask me how to spell things that she would write TRAMPOLINE!! She would get soooo upset that she would have stomach aches on took me awhile to figure out why!! That was the day they wrote in their journals!! Now she is an EXCELLENT speller and gets As on all of her tests! :D

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