Saturday, February 20, 2010

more sewing!

i am sooo close to finished, just have to hand sew the binding down.  love this line of fabrics - sweet by urban chiks for moda.  and i have to be honest, if we aren't having a baby girl i will probably cry.  i want to wrap up a sweetie and snuggle her in this blanket!

the straight line machine quilting went pretty smoothly.  i had two wonky lines i had to take out and redo.  there's several puckers in there, and i poked myself a zillion times with all the pins - note to self, buy large safety pins - but i don't *think* i got any blood on the fabric and once it's washed i'm hoping the puckers will disappear.  i didn't prewash, because i used a charm pack, but i don't know how much shrinkage to expect - anyone?  do moda fabrics shrink, or do they come prewashed?

i have quite a bit of the backing and binding fabric left - i think i bought 2 yards of the small print and a yard of the large. i want to make a matching baby ball, or maybe a set of blocks.  sigh.  love baby stuff.

i am also doing a tutorial for ruby jane's retro fabrics using this fabric, called rockabye by avlyn, here's a peek:

how cute are those animals?  especially the elephants!  as soon as the fabric gets here, i'll get sewing and sharing!


CupCakeCutie said...

adorable! I love making baby stuff too. Especially baby girl stuff!

KQuiltyBee said...

That blanket is so cute, love Urban Chicks--yeah I cried when I found out we were having a 2nd boy (no prom dress shopping), but of course, the day he was born I loved being the only girl in the family (besides the cat). My teenagers love being chivalrous to "Miss Mommy." Probably TMI, but it's my way of saying congratulations on the excitement in the family.

tammiemarie said...

I would just love for our daughter to have a sister - I have two brothers and always wished for one. But three boys will be tons of fun and means lots of girly time with her, so whatever we have will be wonderful. Thanks a bunch for the sweet comments!

Lauranie said...

It came out beautiful!! Sisters are sooo sweet...when they want to be!! I am NOT looking forward to the "STOP WEARING MY CLOTHES" teenage years!! At least that is what my older sister used to say to me!! HA!! That is a good question about the Moda charms...ARE they Pre-washed? I have yet to use mine so I don't know..keep me updated!!


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