Saturday, February 6, 2010


suddenly, emma has holes in almost all of the jeans that fit her.  the knees in all her hand me downs are just wearing thin.  i actually don't think i've bought a new pair of jeans for her since she was three months old!  they've all been thrifted or given to us. 

anyways, i don't want to go buy any new ones, since she will probably outgrow them by next fall.  i thought if i could patch them up she could get through til spring and capri season.  so i got busy, making patches and hand sewing them on.  i still have at least two pairs to do, but that will be good sunday sewing.  i added some details on the pockets to give them a "boutique" look and less of a "my mom's too cheap to buy me new jeans" look.


Darling Chatterbox said...

It has been a year since we participated in the FQ swap together, but I finally got a blog. I'm hosting a scrap-bag giveaway. I thought it would be perfect for more patches.

KQuiltyBee said...

More power to you--that's the kind of sewing I think about but never get around to. I was relieved when mine became teenagers and their clothes hold up a bit better or just get too short :)


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