Thursday, February 25, 2010

a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

emma got her handmade book in the mail yesterday!  so adorable.  and well written too - it's an actual story! thanks grace!

as for our book - we are still working on it with ms. perfectionist.  she has made several "rough drafts" deemed unsuitable by the author.  i'm hoping that she will be able to finish one this morning, so we can mail it on the way to preschool.  she's past her deadline already.  we hit a few snags along the way - one being that her swap partner's name is grace - which is the name of one of her older second (third?) cousins, who she spent an afternoon with once and adores.  so she kept thinking she was making a book for "gracie" and filled pages with "i love you"s and such. 

then, because all she's ever written before are thank yous, birthday cards, and valentines, she was just signing her name.  then she wrote emma ad alex ad zach.  i said "what's ad alex?"  and she rolled her eyes and said, "no mom, AND alex"  and i thought - do i tell her?  will she flip? i gently broke the news that and has an N in the middle.  big sighs but no tears.  this book writing is hard work.

i decided she needed a little direction,  so i took a cue from the letter books she makes at preschool.  we made a page for each letter, and she drew pictures and i helped her spell the words.

i've had fun making some little matchbook books too.  i want to send a couple of these along, and also put them in my crayon wallets.  i'd never seen these before, but someone sent me a couple in a swap once, and they are cute.

hopefully she will finish her alphabet today, (we're at M) before our post office closes at 4pm.  we have to leave in a minute to get aj from school, and after lunch we can spend more time on it.  i want to get it done and move on to making playdough for our slumber party saturday night!

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Lauranie said...

this is soooo sweet!! What an artist!!


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