Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what i'm reading

we finally have carpet again!  and it's niiiiice, too.  better than what we had before.  lay down and roll around kind of carpet.  plus, it's the exact color that i wanted.  so we spent the weekend rearranging furniture, and putting baseboards back up, and we have a plumber coming on friday to start on the bathroom project.  i've been reading tons of home design books from the library. 

one that i've been enjoying is speed decorating.  not as much for design inspiration, because i'm more of a homey country kind of gal, but for the idea of it.  the number one thing you can do to spruce up your home?  clean.  make it sparkle.  that's hard around here, with the wood stove and the pets and the kids and the gravel road dust - but i have been really trying!  and even if it doesn't stay that way for long, it really does make you feel better to know the light fixtures are dusted.

i was able to get into my sewing room yesterday too.  i finished up the last of the cage comforters i had cut out, and delivered them to the animal shelter this morning.  they are preparing to move to their new building, and they are having an adopt-a-thon this weekend.  so maybe, just  maybe, my cute little cage quilts will make them look a little less homeless and a little more like someone's pet.  i used one of the patterns in my latest favorite craft book, quilting for peace.  i'll share more about it later.

finally, there's been a lot of just for fun reading.  i've gotten into the kate shugak series by dana stabenow - and i'm trying to read them in order, but i'm somewhat limited to what's on the library shelf that day.  and i brought home the lovely bones to read again. 

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