Wednesday, March 10, 2010

back to work

well, i decided to stick with sewing for the time being.  it seems safer.  although, i suppose i could always slice off a finger with my rotary...

anyways, troy got pulled onto night shift ($$$!), so i've had a little time to myself in the evenings.  love that!  i made cinnamon rolls from scratch monday night, for the first time ever, and while they aren't as good as i wish they were, we have managed to choke a pan or two down .  i used this recipe, and, as usual, my dough refused to rise.  i have never been able to work with yeast.  i don't know what i do wrong, maybe our house is too cold, or i'm screwing something up, but i had the water temp perfect (110*) and followed the directions - nothing.  they were supposed to double in size, two separate risings, but i gave up and baked them anyways.  not too bad, but sorta dry and dense.

soup for brunch today, i tried a tuscan soup recipe, and it's quite yummy.  plus i love any recipe that lets me use up leftover items, like the 3 sausages, half carton of chicken broth, and quarter bag of cheese lurking in my crisper.  i added parmesan to the soup at the end, and i may have overpowered the other flavors.  but still pretty good.

i spent some time sewing too, finishing a baby blanket top made from the birdie line by me and my sister charm pack.  it's made just like my sweet blanket from a few weeks ago.  it uses 40 5" squares, and this time i used a kona ivory.  i think.  i bought two shades of white when they were on sale at joann's awhile back, and now i'm not sure if it was snow or ivory.  i still need to buy a yard of backing fabric, unless i can find something in my stash that works.  i didn't love this fabric as much as i thought i would - it's really cute but just not me.  i still have 20 squares left, so i may try making one of these adorable cushions, i saw on whipup yesterday.  or this one over at moda bakeshop. 

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Candice @ Made With Love said...

Glad to see that you are sewing!

PS- Please don't cut your finger off with the rotary blade (or even a chunk of your finger), as it hurts way too much...still recovering from my accident! :( Be careful!


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