Sunday, March 7, 2010

crafting = danger

last night i was sorting through the huge box 'o yarn i told you about.  i filled a trash bag with the red heart super savers and lion brand homespun, destined for the thrift store donation bin.  and i kept some of the others - the jiffy and wool ease and comfort.  my nose started itching.

and then i sat down with a crochet book i found at the library and a skein of my new yarn, and within minutes i was a mess.  sneezing, coughing, my eye swelled up so big and was itching/stinging.  i felt wheezy and strange. 

i woke up my husband, who was irritated and wasn't very nice about it.  he told me to go to bed. 

*as if i could sleep when i'm obviously going blind.*

anyways.  then he got fully awake and asked if i wanted to go to the hospital (this was when i was coughing uncontrollably and wheezing between hacks.)  eventually it subsided, and i woke up this morning with my eye glued shut.

it's not much better now, you can see it's still swollen a bit.  so, ladies, my question is this - what happened?  am i allergic to yarn?  i could understand if this was wool - i know that i can't work with wool yarn, but i thought acrylic was hypoallergenic or something.  i googled it and of course the first entry was about a lady who knit a prayer shawl from homespun, which put the recipient in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction.  never ask dr. google questions at 10pm.  he's all doom and despair.


KQuiltyBee said...

I have eye trouble with fuzzy stuff. But I also wonder if it has just been stored too long--too much dust, possibly some mold. I suppose you could try freezing it for awhile, or washing it (big hassle). Sad, isn't it--the hidden danger of vintage. Good luck with figuring it out. If you have that reaction again, you might want to take a shower and change your clothes.

sewtakeahike said...

well darn it! that kind of takes the fun out of crochet I bet when you can't see and sneeze and hack. kind of makes for a messy project lol! seriously though, I hope you're doing better!

trixi said...

I find when I work with acrylic yarn I get a very itchy nose. I think it's all those fuzzy bits being breathed in.


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