Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hi there,

how's it going?  i don't know what it's like where you are, but today, it was warm enough to play outside!  i cleaned the garage, filled all my bird feeders, took a load of donations for the church rummage sale, lots of little things that make me feel so good. 

this last weekend was a long one, with my honey gone ice fishing for 4 days and an additional two kids for saturday night.  we also ran out of propane (due to a slight miscalculation of troy's) and had to rely on the wood stove and two space heaters for the last week.  luckily, the weather has been mild and our downstairs stays pretty even all year round.  but the guest room upstairs - freeeezing.  so no sewing, but some crochet and knitting to keep me busy. 

i have some new fabrics i'm itching to cut into, and two new quilt-a-longs i'll be trying to keep up with.  both are pinwheels, check them out at ps.iquilt and oldredbarnco.  be back soon with pics and projects!

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