Tuesday, March 23, 2010

keep the benedryl close.

hello friends.  this weekend is sure to fly by - we're expected to get 8-12 inches of snow. after two days of wearing flip flops and playing outside, i am anticipating cuddling under quilts and maybe even some knitting.

yes, i am ready to pick my needles back up.  the yarn cannot defeat me!  wendy brought me some more knitting magazines, this time the stack included several vogue knitting international.  i am so in love with most everything in these magazines.  the photography is stunning, several of the projects i can see myself making and wearing. the holiday 2009 issue includes a layout inspired by alice in wonderland!  which i got to see in 3D last weekend, and loved.

anyways.  i do have some sewing i MUST finish soon.  my friend asked me to remake her window seat cushion.  she gave me all the stuff last weekend, including the old faded blue bcover, which i tore apart to use as a pattern.

it has the longest zipper i have ever seen.  ever.  which i am also reusing.  i haven't tried to sew anything heavy on my new machine, so i am hoping it will all come together smoothly.  i also haven't used my zipper foot.  and, my last concern is that it won't look right without cording along the edges.  there isn't enough fabric to redo the cording.  she wants it back before her scentsy party this wednesday.

*update!*   i finished the cushion cover, my machine handled it beautifully, the zipper looks great.   i went to her house this afternoon and we put it on.  whew.  i never realized how nervous i get when i am making something specific for someone.  i really think i prefer to make whatever i want, and then if someone wants it, great.  but custom orders make me panic!  the only other thing i have on my must do list is patching some work jeans for my brother-in-law.  i think i will relax for a week or two.  i'm feeling a little stressed out.

also, the dating on this is weird because i wrote part of the post last week but forgot to publish it.  so the snow was last weekend, and has pretty much melted by now.  see you soon!

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