Friday, March 5, 2010

a second chance at love

i took apart the pinwheels!  i originally had wanted to do a value quilt, something like this one.  i know i saw one with white too, i just can't find the link now.  i really like the pattern, it's interesting without being fussy.  now that i have it laid out on the guest bed, i know where it's going to live when it's finished!  it looks so cheerful.  that means making it larger than i originally intended.  the bed up there is a double, but i will probably make it to fit a queen.

i had posted my pinwheels over on flickr, and the consensus there was to keep them.  they looked better in the photograph than in real life, but that's just my opinion.  maybe i was having a hard time imagining these colors and prints in my living room.  much better in the guest room.  i think king approves too.  i had better get started on some different pinwheels though - this might be the time to break out the katie jump rope!  maybe. 


Catherine said...

Hi, I just looked at your pinwheel photo on flickr and then came over here to see what you had in mind. While I liked your pinwheel blocks I really like the layout you've chosen for them here.

WendyLou said...

Ooooh!! Me likey :)

Lynne S of Oz said...

That looks great - I think it is a better use of the squares :-)
The stitch pattern in the knitting in your previous post? I am sure it is in a Vogue stitch pattern book - I've seenit somewhere! - but all my books are in storage at present so I can't look it up. If you have a good bookstore or library, maybe you can look there?


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