Friday, March 12, 2010


ok.  i know i said i'd be gone for a few days.  but i finished two more super old projects, and that's cause for a post, right?  and i am making progress in turning the guest/sewing room into the nursery.  i plan to keep a corner for my machine and a bookshelf for my materials, but the rest needs to go away.  so, tackling the piles has a dual purpose.  and i only have 5 months to use it or lose it!

first up - a flannel baby receiving blanket, made with some dinosaur flannel that was in my grandma neppl's stash.  this is one of the first "patchwork" projects i started, probably 2 1/2 years ago.

i didn't measure it, but it's smallish, made with 5 inch blocks.  i made a little twill tape tag(in the bottom right), and stamped ct on it, you know, for craftytammie.  but i need to figure out a way to make a tag that will fit my whole name on it.  something i've been playing around with.  anyone know a place i can pick up a fabric ink pad?  hobby lobby and my local sewing/scrapbook shop didn't have any.

the second thing i finished is a tank top, which i started 4 years ago!  i was embarrassed to pull it from the pile and see that it only needed a hem.  oh, and one spot in the gathering under the chest area needed fixed.  seriously, i felt shame.  so in five minutes or less, i added a new top to my spring wardobe - and yes, i will be able to wear it, because it's a baby doll shape!  plenty of room for the growing belly.  i'm 16 weeks now!

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