Thursday, March 4, 2010

what to do...

since i am the self appointed rescuer of all craft supplies, great and small, i was gifted a yarn stash recently.  i have a brother-in-law named chance.  he's married to troy's sister wendy, they are both way cool, and we get along great.  his mom lorraine was a sweetheart, and a phenomenal knitter.  unfortunately, her health was poor and she passed away before christmas.  they are putting her house on the market, and brought me her knitting goodies.

so, what did i receive?  lots of needles - i really need to make myself a needle roll to organize them all.  a big stack of knitting magazines - she subscribed to several, and they are all recent.  even if some of the sweater projects in them look like they're from a 1984 mccall's magazine.  yikes.  anyways, a huge box of yarn.  nothing too upscale, but pretty colors and i can use some of it for the crocheted baby blocks i am working on.  and while going through it i found a few projects she had started.  no patterns are with them, and i doubt i could finish them anyways, but look at this!

i assume it was the beginning of a cardigan or cape (she was a large woman).  the photo shows it vertical but it was being knit side to side.  there is a garter edging on both ends.  it was on a long circular, with markers, but i bound it off so i wouldn't drop any stitches.  i don't know what to do with it.  i thought at first i could use it as a scarf, but it's too wide, and too narrow for a table runner or shawl.  it's really a cool stitch pattern though, and if anyone recognizes it and can tell me what it is, i'd appreciate it.  also any suggestions of what i could make with it!  my only idea is to stitch a wider strip of linen behind it to make a runner.   

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