Wednesday, April 28, 2010

that'll do, pig.

ugh.  a spring cold has attacked our household!  i had so much planned for this week, but this morning we are all laying about, hacking, watching babe.  i did make it to the library yesterday, and picked up the new martha stewart book.  i've only glanced through it, but i think i'm in love.  i can't wait to make a few of the projects.

hopefully, we're all feeling better soon.  my husband is going to try to tile the bathrooms this weekend, with me supervising the job.  i'm trying to decide on the tile layout today.  i am so excited to get this project finished!  i am gaining an enormous linen closet in the deal, something this house was sorely lacking.  finally, a place for sheets and blankets.

Monday, April 26, 2010

hello friends!

it's been a good week.  i got lots done, inside and out, including some -gasp!- sewing!  i've been finishing up some things to put in my booth, and made two headbands for my (trying to grow it out) hair-do.

i stopped in the shop today and was pleased to see that one of the aprons i had in there had sold.  i need to get busy this weekend and make some!  mother's day is coming up, after all.  i also received some goodies in the mail this week.

first up, the beautiful birdie bag i won from kerry ann handmade over at cafe handmade.  love the purple print, anyone know the name of the fabric?  inside is a sweet purple minidot, more love.  thanks a ton, i love it and can't wait for next girl's night out!

then i got the first two of my fat quarter swap envelopes - inside them was a great pink polka dot print, and a very special hand painted piece of muslin.  i sent mine out today, i couldn't decide on anything i had in my stash, so i bought some katie jump rope fabric at aunt jenny's.  every time i prowl through her stacks i find more fabrics i've only seen online!  all for only $4.99 a yard.  there was a great valori wells floral i wanted too, but i decided to wait until next time.

i've been making things too.  hair clips and headbands:

crayon wallets:

a scarf made from linen and vintage fabric that was in grandma marie's stash:

and felt sugar cookies with glass beads.  all will go in the booth tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


15 years ago my husband and i went on our first date. 

this was not our first date.   

he proposed ten years ago on a beach in playa del carmen, mexico.

today we've been married nine years.

he's the best husband a girl could dream up.

he works hard for the money.

he's the most incredible father our kids could ever ask for.

he's the best friend a person could want.

 and he bought me this for a present.  think i'll keep him.
happy anniversary honey!

Monday, April 19, 2010

chocolatey goodness.

last night we had my parents and nana over for dinner.  the guys went pheasant hunting awhile back, and wanted to cook up some of their kill.  mom and i weren't as enthusiastic about it, but she found a recipe for a raspberry reduction sauce to serve with it.  it was actually a good complement to the dry little birdies.  i made pie for dessert, and wanted to share this super easy recipe!  it would be a good dish to celebrate mother's day, hint hint.

it's from southern living's feb 2010 issue, and it is so good.  i even used a frozen pie crust, still delish.  basically, melt 6 sq. unsweetened chocolate, then stir in a 14 oz. can of fat free sweetened condensed milk, and let sit for 2 minutes.  then fold in half a tub of cool whip.  cover and chill, then top with the rest of the cool whip.  super rich and fudgy.  although i may try it with semisweet next time.  let me know if you try it!  we loved it!

another good idea for mom is this gardener's hand scrub.  i mixed some up using green apple dish soap, and it smells good AND works on ground in dirt.  since i never can find my gloves when i want to plant flowers, this has a permanent spot next to my sink.  i also made a few jars to give as prizes at bunco next week, and for mom's day. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

the winner is...

well, we had our sonogram this morning!  i took my daughter with me, because our son also had an appointment today and my husband was taking him, and my dad watched our youngest son.  she was so excited to see her new baby brother or sister - but she hoped it would be a sister. 

so anyways, it's not.  it's a boy!  i felt so bad, her little face fell when they told us.  later she said "i wish it would be a girl baby."  i took her to the mall to get my wedding rings checked and cleaned, and then we rode the carousel and got cookies.  and we went to a few garage sales, and hobby lobby, and a few other places.  and i told her she was my only princess in a house full of princes, and she seemed to like that.  i found a wall graphic that says "once upon a time there was a princess" and we're going to hang it above her bed. 

now, what to do with the baby girl clothes i already bought?!  he's gonna look kind of silly in all those ruffles. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wiggle room

my wonderful husband took the kids for the afternoon sunday - i just needed a break, you know?  the place has been such a wreck, construction dust everywhere, so i did the dusting and vacuuming, and enjoyed the cleanliness and silence til they returned.

i recently signed up for a few fabric swaps, one is a vintage sheet swap, and the other, the sewmamasew fat quarter swap.  i've done both of them before, so i can't wait to see what comes this time.  i believe signups are closed for both, sorry if you missed them.  i went thrifting yesterday, and scored a beautiful linen tablecloth and a pretty eddie bauer sheet, as well as a vintage floral sheet with birds on it.  i also scored a metal watering can and a huge picnic basket!  pics to come, there's just no time these days for anything it seems.

we have almost all our plants in the ground, and i need to pick up more mulch.  my yellow rose bush i bought for 49 cents last fall doesn't look like it's coming back.  strange, because it flowered before winter came on, i thought it would make it.  but then again, i've never grown roses so what do i know?!

upcoming projects:  i must make a tooth fairy pillow/bag/door hanger/ something, emma has her first wiggly tooth!  it's got awhile still, i think, but it's something i've been thinking about for awhile.  i'd love to get her this:

image borrowed from the brick kiln.

isn't it the cutest?!  it's from the brick kiln, and she also makes them for boys.  they are so great, but i'd have to buy four of them, and they would just get broken.  it's inevitable.  the boys are just so darn rough with everything.  but you can get one and tell me how sweet it is.  i know i don't want her teeth under her pillow, i want something to put the tooth in, to hang or set outside her door.  i've got a few ideas, just need to get inside and work on it.

it's supposed to rain tomorrow night and friday, so maybe i will be able to finish up some more things for the booth and finally share some pics.  see you soon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

shame on me!

my goodness, my first post in april is on the 8th?!  i guess, let's do a quick round up of the past week.

for april fool's day, i made meatloaf cupcakes with pink mashed potato frosting.  my husband thought it was cruel.  the kids weren't sure what to do at first, but once we explained what april fool's day was, they thought it was funny.

we've been hard at work on the yard.  got a circle drive put in, along with some dirt work to regrade the yard.  it seems to be working well, we've had rain the past two nights and very little run off, and most of the grass seed we spread stayed put!  hooray!  nothing sucks as bad as spending $$$ on grass to have it all wash down to the field below.  ask me how we know.  i planted some creeping phlox along the rock retaining wall next to the garage, and i am really excited about it.  next to plant is a white dogwood and a few maples, maybe some cherry trees too. i got a few pansies and petunias in pots, and it's starting to look a lot like spring!  our redbuds are in full bloom, looking pretty.

finally, i have been making making making!  i made a dozen or so hair clips to put in my booth - of course i forgot to take pics of all my stuff, maybe i will have time tomorrow.

i also made several fabric buntings out of this ENORMOUS box of vintage gingham my mother-in-law gave me a few weeks ago.  there were four colors, pink, yellow, green, and aqua, and i honestly have no idea what grandma marie would have been doing with it all.  some of it was already cut into six inch wide strips, so i cut them into triangles, pinked the edges, and sewed them into some bias tape.  i used one length to decorate the top of my booth, and packaged two more up for sale.

we find out a week from tomorrow whether this baby is a boy or a girl, at least if baby cooperates.  i am so ready to know!  i keep telling myself it's a boy, but secretly i'm dying for a girl.  ok, maybe not secretly, i'm no good at secrets.  i'm feeling pretty good overall, and can't believe i'm already to the half way point!  baby will be here before i'm ready.  i have so much i wanted to get done before then - including our bathroom remodel.

which is slowly coming along as well.  just to refresh your memory - the pipes burst in january.  we've only been without the downstairs bath for a week or two and it should be back working this weekend.  but it's such a wreck, and we still have to sheetrock and paint and trim and decorate.  i am hosting bunco the end of the month, and i wanted to show it off, but i guess that can wait.

i'll leave you with one of my favorite pics from easter sunday, zach with a chocolate smear.


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