Monday, April 26, 2010

hello friends!

it's been a good week.  i got lots done, inside and out, including some -gasp!- sewing!  i've been finishing up some things to put in my booth, and made two headbands for my (trying to grow it out) hair-do.

i stopped in the shop today and was pleased to see that one of the aprons i had in there had sold.  i need to get busy this weekend and make some!  mother's day is coming up, after all.  i also received some goodies in the mail this week.

first up, the beautiful birdie bag i won from kerry ann handmade over at cafe handmade.  love the purple print, anyone know the name of the fabric?  inside is a sweet purple minidot, more love.  thanks a ton, i love it and can't wait for next girl's night out!

then i got the first two of my fat quarter swap envelopes - inside them was a great pink polka dot print, and a very special hand painted piece of muslin.  i sent mine out today, i couldn't decide on anything i had in my stash, so i bought some katie jump rope fabric at aunt jenny's.  every time i prowl through her stacks i find more fabrics i've only seen online!  all for only $4.99 a yard.  there was a great valori wells floral i wanted too, but i decided to wait until next time.

i've been making things too.  hair clips and headbands:

crayon wallets:

a scarf made from linen and vintage fabric that was in grandma marie's stash:

and felt sugar cookies with glass beads.  all will go in the booth tomorrow!

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I'm looking forward to the mail ;-)


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