Thursday, April 8, 2010

shame on me!

my goodness, my first post in april is on the 8th?!  i guess, let's do a quick round up of the past week.

for april fool's day, i made meatloaf cupcakes with pink mashed potato frosting.  my husband thought it was cruel.  the kids weren't sure what to do at first, but once we explained what april fool's day was, they thought it was funny.

we've been hard at work on the yard.  got a circle drive put in, along with some dirt work to regrade the yard.  it seems to be working well, we've had rain the past two nights and very little run off, and most of the grass seed we spread stayed put!  hooray!  nothing sucks as bad as spending $$$ on grass to have it all wash down to the field below.  ask me how we know.  i planted some creeping phlox along the rock retaining wall next to the garage, and i am really excited about it.  next to plant is a white dogwood and a few maples, maybe some cherry trees too. i got a few pansies and petunias in pots, and it's starting to look a lot like spring!  our redbuds are in full bloom, looking pretty.

finally, i have been making making making!  i made a dozen or so hair clips to put in my booth - of course i forgot to take pics of all my stuff, maybe i will have time tomorrow.

i also made several fabric buntings out of this ENORMOUS box of vintage gingham my mother-in-law gave me a few weeks ago.  there were four colors, pink, yellow, green, and aqua, and i honestly have no idea what grandma marie would have been doing with it all.  some of it was already cut into six inch wide strips, so i cut them into triangles, pinked the edges, and sewed them into some bias tape.  i used one length to decorate the top of my booth, and packaged two more up for sale.

we find out a week from tomorrow whether this baby is a boy or a girl, at least if baby cooperates.  i am so ready to know!  i keep telling myself it's a boy, but secretly i'm dying for a girl.  ok, maybe not secretly, i'm no good at secrets.  i'm feeling pretty good overall, and can't believe i'm already to the half way point!  baby will be here before i'm ready.  i have so much i wanted to get done before then - including our bathroom remodel.

which is slowly coming along as well.  just to refresh your memory - the pipes burst in january.  we've only been without the downstairs bath for a week or two and it should be back working this weekend.  but it's such a wreck, and we still have to sheetrock and paint and trim and decorate.  i am hosting bunco the end of the month, and i wanted to show it off, but i guess that can wait.

i'll leave you with one of my favorite pics from easter sunday, zach with a chocolate smear.

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