Wednesday, April 28, 2010

that'll do, pig.

ugh.  a spring cold has attacked our household!  i had so much planned for this week, but this morning we are all laying about, hacking, watching babe.  i did make it to the library yesterday, and picked up the new martha stewart book.  i've only glanced through it, but i think i'm in love.  i can't wait to make a few of the projects.

hopefully, we're all feeling better soon.  my husband is going to try to tile the bathrooms this weekend, with me supervising the job.  i'm trying to decide on the tile layout today.  i am so excited to get this project finished!  i am gaining an enormous linen closet in the deal, something this house was sorely lacking.  finally, a place for sheets and blankets.



Hey Tammie! Sorry you're under the weather. Check out my website giveaway today and maybe that will lift your spirits. Good luck!!

Tammie said...

the title of this post cracked me up because i say that ALL THE TIME. That'll do pig, that'll do.

im excited about your linen closet too. our new apartment doesnt have one either. what is up with that?


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