Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wiggle room

my wonderful husband took the kids for the afternoon sunday - i just needed a break, you know?  the place has been such a wreck, construction dust everywhere, so i did the dusting and vacuuming, and enjoyed the cleanliness and silence til they returned.

i recently signed up for a few fabric swaps, one is a vintage sheet swap, and the other, the sewmamasew fat quarter swap.  i've done both of them before, so i can't wait to see what comes this time.  i believe signups are closed for both, sorry if you missed them.  i went thrifting yesterday, and scored a beautiful linen tablecloth and a pretty eddie bauer sheet, as well as a vintage floral sheet with birds on it.  i also scored a metal watering can and a huge picnic basket!  pics to come, there's just no time these days for anything it seems.

we have almost all our plants in the ground, and i need to pick up more mulch.  my yellow rose bush i bought for 49 cents last fall doesn't look like it's coming back.  strange, because it flowered before winter came on, i thought it would make it.  but then again, i've never grown roses so what do i know?!

upcoming projects:  i must make a tooth fairy pillow/bag/door hanger/ something, emma has her first wiggly tooth!  it's got awhile still, i think, but it's something i've been thinking about for awhile.  i'd love to get her this:

image borrowed from the brick kiln.

isn't it the cutest?!  it's from the brick kiln, and she also makes them for boys.  they are so great, but i'd have to buy four of them, and they would just get broken.  it's inevitable.  the boys are just so darn rough with everything.  but you can get one and tell me how sweet it is.  i know i don't want her teeth under her pillow, i want something to put the tooth in, to hang or set outside her door.  i've got a few ideas, just need to get inside and work on it.

it's supposed to rain tomorrow night and friday, so maybe i will be able to finish up some more things for the booth and finally share some pics.  see you soon!

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Lauranie said... is April 16th!!! I am DYING to know...girl? boy? BOTH??!! How fun would THAT be!! *giggle* So sorry to have been away for sooo long! You have been doing some wonderful things!! Congrats on the booth and making $$!! FABULOUS!! You should be PROUD of all of your zone for a house..potty training...three children AND one on the way...WHEW girl!! :D Hope you have a great weekend..I'll be waiting to hear the joyous news!! xo


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