Friday, April 16, 2010

the winner is...

well, we had our sonogram this morning!  i took my daughter with me, because our son also had an appointment today and my husband was taking him, and my dad watched our youngest son.  she was so excited to see her new baby brother or sister - but she hoped it would be a sister. 

so anyways, it's not.  it's a boy!  i felt so bad, her little face fell when they told us.  later she said "i wish it would be a girl baby."  i took her to the mall to get my wedding rings checked and cleaned, and then we rode the carousel and got cookies.  and we went to a few garage sales, and hobby lobby, and a few other places.  and i told her she was my only princess in a house full of princes, and she seemed to like that.  i found a wall graphic that says "once upon a time there was a princess" and we're going to hang it above her bed. 

now, what to do with the baby girl clothes i already bought?!  he's gonna look kind of silly in all those ruffles. 

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Candice @ Made With Love said...

Congrats on another prince! :)


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