Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day!

we have been having a great time this weekend, lots of laughs and food and boat rides.  and last weekend, my mom moved my nana out of her place into their home.  which has resulted in even more donations to "save the craft supplies" otherwise known as my guest room.  but really, how can i resist?

like her button box and quilt blocks.   my nana is actually having a hard time letting these things go, she's had them for so many years.  and at 91, she's still a feisty gal.  she's really having to adjust to the idea that she will never use those buttons, or this fabric, and she doesn't like it.  i know i wouldn't either. 

so it's bittersweet to me.  i am happy to be given these little treasures, and i feel sort of honored that it's my "job" to make something happen with them.  and at the same time, i now have more stuff than i could ever use up in this lifetime.  i've got to make something work here, i'm just not sure how i am going to do it. and i realized that i come by my hoarding nature honestly!  i am really going to try to be more productive this summer.  so you may see me a little less.  or more, depending how productive i actually am!

i'll leave you with a rare pic of me (and my bump!)  it was taken by emma, she actually got some really fun pics saturday!

nana's blocks

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nana's button box

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bits of sewing

here is a table topper i'm hoping to finish today! i'm using some of the box 'o gingham and the rest are from a fat quarter bundle i picked up at joann's on clearance. it has a linen backing and it's from the link in my last post - a quilt as you go project. trying to decide what to bind it with. it measures about 14"x20" and was going to be a placemat, but we aren't really placemat people and i'm too lazy to make 5 more. so it fits nicely in the center as a runnerish sort of thing.

and these are some of those crayon books i told you about a week or so ago.  i realized i never shared any pics, and since they are going in the booth tomorrow i wanted to put them out there.  i don't like doing the character stuff, but my daughter was dying for the tweety and i had some leftover, and the tink was some i picked up for the custom order.  we ended up not using it, and doing all three books in disney princess, for their trip this week to disneyland! the dots came from the sewmamasew swap.

anyways, these are probably the last of these wallets you'll see for a bit.  dollar store doesn't carry the 3x5 spiral notebooks for them anymore, and they're more expensive and not as cute everywhere else.  plus i have a bunch of 5x7 notebooks cut out that need stitched!  and i'm hoping when i go into town tomorrow that my booth will have been cleaned out last saturday during the sidewalk sale and craft fair!  cross your fingers for me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

guess what?  i won a giveaway!  i am going to be the lucky recipient of this gorgeous girl's apron and equally pretty wall art!  i hope i can bring myself to share it with my daughter.  i know the pretty wall hanging is going in my craft room.

we are having memorial day guests, so i am trying to clean and organize the guest/sewing room.  i have a huge pile of unfinished projects and i really want to get going on them!  patience, tammie, patience.  once it's vacuumed and dusted, i will get going.  of course, on my blog hopping last week i only found about fifty new things i want to make - like this swaddle blanket at prudent baby, and this table topper at v & co.  and this button necklace at verypurpleperson. 

and the kids are home for the summer now, how great it's going to be, not going anywhere!  june will be busy in the evening, with tball games three times a week!  but the days are all for us.  no appointments, no scheduled activities, just us, playing outside and doing puzzles.  we slept in today, and have been playing with playdoh all morning.  i'm hoping to do a little gardening later, while they play in the baby pool.  have a great day, see you soon!

blogger's quilt festival 2010

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of course i'm late to the party again, but what do you expect - i have three littles, i'm amazed i ever get anywhere at all!

anyways, amy is hosting her blogger's quilt festival again! i decided to share with you the quilt top i made a year ago for my daughter, emma. what is special about this quilt to me is that it was the first time i joined in an online quilt along! it was made during old red barn co.'s quilt along and i was so proud of myself for actually keeping up! of course, you could argue that i didn't keep up, since it isn't quilted yet, but i plan to have it professionally quilted at the local shop. er, once i get the back pieced. i really need to get that done!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

you guys rock!

well, i'd say that giveaway day was a success!  i have 267 comments as of right now, and so i will be giving away two prizes.  i would respond to each of your comments if i could - you should know that i was talking to you out loud as i read them!  i do that a lot, my daughter always calls me out on it.  there were so many great suggestions - including silas, which i love but can't convince my man.  anyways - drum roll please!

the list taker goes to #169!  kimberly a - look for an email from me!

the fat quarter goes to #138 - jules@mooncat farms - i'll be in touch!

thanks for making this such a fun week - and i'll be back soon with some pics and projects!  have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

looking for my giveaway?

  click here!

i am having so much fun reading all of your name suggestions!  i have lots of boy names i like.  charles emery was my papa's name, and i love it.  also on my list are owen, spencer, grant, wade, slade, parker, porter, milo, and ethan orion.  troy doesn't like any of those.  he really likes cole and myles.  it's so hard to come up with names that aren't already being used by friends or family!  we both come from huge catholic families, so most names are well represented already.  anyways, thanks for all the ideas!  the giveaway is open until tomorrow evening, so tell a friend!  and, if i hit the magic number of 250 comments, i will draw a second name for a surprise gift!

back in my crafting world, i sewed up a bunch more crayon wallets for the booth.  plus three custom orders.  there is a sidewalk sale and craft fair this weekend in downtown ottawa, so if you're local, be sure to stop by!  i'm hoping to finish a few aprons and notebooks to put in there too.  one of these days i need to quilt my birdie blanket and make one for the new kid out of the love u charm pack i bought for him.

my mom is coming over to paint today, isn't that sweet of her?  so i may be able to show you pics of the new bathrooms soon!  and more importantly, get my washing machine back in the laundry room before the piles take over the house.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


oh, i had to show you this!  

i turned around to find him wearing this! then alex asked me, "mom, is this for the new baby?"  i was laughing so hard!

Monday, May 17, 2010

give it away, now


it's my favorite time of the year - sewmamasew's giveaway day!  i've been really lucky in the past- maybe this will be your day!

my giveaway item is a quilted list taker, made from jcasa's fabulous pattern (available at jcasa on etsy)

i love these, they are small enough to fit in my bag but large enough to hold my coupons and other junk.  it comes with the notepad and pen, and a fat quarter of some surprise loveliness from my stash!  i am only offering this to readers in the good ole USA, sorry to any of my overseas friends.  i just hate filling out forms at the post office.

(sorry for the crummy pictures.  my 2 year old smashed my nikon coolpix screen, so i can't see what i am doing (at least it still takes pics!) and now i am having issues with picasa and no time to fix it.)

here's the rules:  we are having a baby boy, and need some name suggestions!  i'm still leaning towards sawyer daniel, so if you like that, it ok to say so, but it won't increase your chances of winning!  heehee.  so please leave a comment with your name idea.  that's one entry.

*** i am a LOSTie, but sawyer & daniel was on our list long before i started watching that show!  and our other sons' names are zach dylan and alexander jones.***

for one extra entry, you can "like" my facebook page.  i don't post a lot there, so you won't need to hide me, i promise.  there's a link on the left side.

and for one more extra entry, you can become a follower of my blog!  either add me to your reader or use the follow button on the sidebar.

please leave me a comment for each thing you do, and make sure i have a way to email you!  i will leave the giveaway open until thursday may 20th, randomly generating a number after we get home that day.  it will be a long one - the last day of preschool and then all three kids have dentist checkups.  so hope for an email from me by bedtime!


you know how i said i'd sew some clothes for the kids?  i got up to my sewing room and had to tackle a few other projects first.

so i recovered my small ironing board.

and painted and recovered my chair.

and then i needed to make a new pincushion for there too. 

then i finished six more crayon wallets that were all cut out, ready to stitch.  two of them are for my boys.  i made the spiderman one for alex, and he's so excited that he already had me put it in my purse for our dinner out tomorrow night!  (we are taking my nana out for mexican food, she will be 91 on saturday!)

i also have a number of unfinished projects cut out, and i may need to take care of them before i can focus on anything new.  there are two aprons waiting to be sewn, and several notebooks. and the pile of don't want to's keeps growing.  i have about 6 pairs of jeans my sis-in-law asked me to patch.  ugh.  they have huge rips down the front thigh, and i'm not sure how to fix them without it looking too funky.

i also have a notebook to finish for giveaway day!  better get busy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

better than an apple!

here's what i decided to do for the preschool teachers. 

the fab idea came from skip to my lou, and her pdf is customizable so you can enter your child's name!  our kids share one teacher, and so i put both their names in one of the pots.  by the way, a bag of popsicle sticks was $2.57 - and a bag of caramels was $2.42 (it only came with 5 sticks though)  which do you think i bought?!  only, i couldn't find the regular caramels.  they now have caramel "bits", which are little balls, to save you unwrapping them.  they taste like wax.  just so you know.  oh, and the plants were $1.25 each, same with the pots, and one bag of pot soil.  cheap, fast, and easy.

doesn't our yard look lush and green?  it rained all night and it's practically glowing.  beautiful!

strike one!

grr.  i knew i should practice this first, but you know me!  dive in and hope for the best.  looks like i better do some reading up on satin stitching on knits.  the bottom of the tie just snarled and puckered and is a big mess.  i used wonderunder on it.  should i also use a stabilizer behind?  what about a knit needle? i used a regular needle because i'm lazy - and because it's half regular fabric anyways, right?  there's some craftytammie logic.  anyways, i hope it won't be too bumpy and annoy the new kid.  at least not before i get a pic of him wearing it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kids clothes week!

i got my vintage sheets cut and mailed for the fat quarter swap - yay!  cannot wait for that envelope of loveliness coming my way!  the sheetrock guys are this close to being done, which means i am in paint chip heaven again.  whatever shall i choose?!  three rooms i get to decorate!

tonight, i am going to try to make a few things for the new kid.  i think we're going to name him sawyer daniel.  or as emma says, "soy yoy"!  figured i better get started, since the week is half over.   i bought a pack of onesies, and i'm gonna try appliqueing some stuff onto them.   like this cute tie from crap i've made.   i have some sponge bob fabric aj chose at walmart.  he wants me to make some shorts out of them.  so i guess i have to.  i always want to make stuff for emma, but she has so many clothes already!  i may make her a belt or some hair clips, just so she's represented.  zach - well, he's so excited to wear all of aj's hand me downs, he doesn't really care if he has something new.  gotta love being two. 

see you in an hour or two!  hope i have lots to share!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

woody & buzz

i made this little crayon book for alex's friend's birthday party last night  - he was having a toy story themed bash.  all i could find at wallyworld was toy story flannel.  i'm hoping it will hold up ok, i prefer using quilter's cotton for these.  his mom wants me to make three more, disney princess ones, for his sis and two cousins!  

Thursday, May 6, 2010

one bite at a time

ok.  i am finally starting to feel caught up.  on sleep, on gardening, on household chores.  i do still have a full plate, but i'm feeling hungry!

elsie marley's challenge starts monday, so i decided to get started early.  i thought i'd whip up this lil' top  by trey and lucy for emma after school today, but i am having problems with it.  it looks a little too much like two bandannas stuck together with a ribbon.

i see cute bandanna tops all over the net, but i'm thinking it's the pattern on this one that makes it not right.  also, emma declared it too poofy. 

and it doesn't make a very good skirt, either.


good morning!  our youngest woke me extra early today.  i think he's starting to have dreams.   this morning, he was upset because (our cat) "mod ate his sandwich!"  three days ago, he was crying because "alex put his cheeseburger in the washing machine!"  maybe i should feed the kid some sandwiches before he goes to bed?  anyways, i'm tired but glad to be up and at 'em today.

i had a friend call me about helping with her son's superhero pool party later this summer.  she wants to make towel capes and felt masks for party favors.  can't you see some really great photos coming out of that party?  a bunch of 4 year olds running around in swim trunks, punching the air and karate kicking?  so last night, i found a few tutorials, and thought i'd share them with you in case your little superhero needs a cape of his own.  i know mine do.

first up, of course martha's done it.  but to be honest, i think i like this one by recovergirl better.  she was nice enough to email me how she did it.  i'm going to try it out, and i'll take some pics along the way and share the results.  then for the felt masks, you could use these templates by family fun.

and if you're in the mood to make a baby blanket this week, you should go check out the blanket tutorial roundup over at these magical years.  and guess what?  my blanket tutorial is on there!  yay!  lots of other great ideas too.  have fun looking!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

happy 20 years!

the parents as teachers 20th anniversary party went well.  i made the maypole "tree skirts" out of a white sheet, with pink gingham ties.  they were pretty and easy, since i didn't hem them.  the sheets actually didn't fray at all, i wonder what they do after washing?

i also tied curling ribbon bows around 240 bubble party favors.  then topped them off with tiny stickers.  i thought that was crazy, then found out one of the other moms made over 200 cupcakes and a two tiered cake!!  thank goodness i got the bubbles ;)

we also had a rice table with stretchy insects buried, and a pool with shredded paper and hidden toys, and some tunnels, parachute games, chalk, shaving cream paint, and the may poles.

it was a fun night for the kids!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


on my plate, right now.  i need to churn out two white tree skirts by monday at 4pm.  they are actually going to be used as may pole skirts, and i am making them from a white sheet.  nothing fancy, just something to cover the tire base of the poles we are using.  but still - i have to make them, sometime! 

i have a number of things cut out, ready to be stitched, like aprons and crayon wallets and notebooks for the booth, and even a top for me.  i must make myself do the tree skirts first, though.  i was thinking of ways to do them, like maybe cutting the circle into fourths, and using ribbons to tie the sections together?  that way i could use all colors of ribbons and it would be festive and fun.  i am a parent advisor to the school district's parents as teachers program, and we are hosting a 20th year celebration.  i have to be in front of a crowd, something i'm not looking forward to, which is unusual for me.  i usually adore a captive audience!  but i'm feeling shy these days.  so, i offered to decorate.  i still need to tie ribbons around a bazillion little bubble bottles too.

and next week, i am participating in elsie marley's kids clothes week.  this should be fun, i want to try appliqueing some onesies and tees.  i always meant to make some for my other two boys, but never did.  now i have an idea for a family photo shoot once the new kid arrives, with matchy shirts and stuff.  anyways.  never enough on my list, gotta always add more!


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