Thursday, May 13, 2010

better than an apple!

here's what i decided to do for the preschool teachers. 

the fab idea came from skip to my lou, and her pdf is customizable so you can enter your child's name!  our kids share one teacher, and so i put both their names in one of the pots.  by the way, a bag of popsicle sticks was $2.57 - and a bag of caramels was $2.42 (it only came with 5 sticks though)  which do you think i bought?!  only, i couldn't find the regular caramels.  they now have caramel "bits", which are little balls, to save you unwrapping them.  they taste like wax.  just so you know.  oh, and the plants were $1.25 each, same with the pots, and one bag of pot soil.  cheap, fast, and easy.

doesn't our yard look lush and green?  it rained all night and it's practically glowing.  beautiful!

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